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Sheriffs' Office - Employment Opportunities



The Pay Band is 53 ($39,068 to $54,891 annual / eligible for overtime at 1 1/2 times) Open until filled.

Salary may be based upon experience and law enforcement certification status.

Applications may be obtained at the Laramie County Sheriff's Department (1910 Pioneer Avenue in Cheyenne), Laramie County Human Resources (3rd Floor of the Historic Courthouse, 310 West 19th Street, Cheyenne), or, online through Laramie County Government, or, the Laramie County Sheriff's Department.

This is a law enforcement position that will require the successful candidate to meet all of the hiring standards required by the Laramie County Sheriff's Department and the Wyoming Peace Officer's Standards and Training (POST) Commission as required by State law and other appointment standards and requirements. The successful candidate will be required to attend the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy (WLEA) in Douglas, Wyoming, within one year of date of hire to attend an eight (8) week Detention Officer Basic Certification.

The Hiring process will include the candidate completing the POST General Knowledge Examination and the WLEA physical fitness assessment as part of the initial assessment for hiring. Also included in the hiring process (each "step" must be successfully completed for consideration) will be a formal interview, background investigation, administrative review, medical/drug screen, psychological examination, polygraph, and final administrative review.


Summary: Maintains safety and security of the staff, juvenile inmates, visitors to the Juvenile Service Center; supervises and protects juvenile inmates according to policies, procedures and regulations. This job class is a special assignment in the Sheriff's Office.

:(Essential function, as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the following tasks, knowledge, skills and other characteristics. This list of tasks is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY, and is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and tasks performed by positions in this class.)
Manages the safety and security of the staff, juvenile inmates, visitors and juvenile facilities; promotes acceptable attitude, and monitors behavior of juvenile inmates.
Supervises and protects juvenile inmates according to policies, procedures, post orders and regulations.
Provides interactive supervision for inmate activities and maintains discipline; may be required to physically restrain uncooperative or disruptive juvenile inmates and take steps to avert fights, assaults, and escapes.
Monitors juvenile inmates, activities and facility environment; observes and documents juvenile inmate behavior; helps to create a safe and functional environment; follows established safe practices; protects juvenile inmates from personal injury; follows safety protocols, and requests assistance as required.
Watches juveniles for rule violations and behavioral changes; de-escalates potentially violent situations; maintains appropriate use-of-force options as needed for self-defense or defense of another.
Performs constant inspections of all detention facility areas; conducts head counts and area searches, and assures all areas of the facility are safe, secure, sanitary and free of contraband.
Conducts searches for contraband; inventories and maintains accountability for keys, equipment, tools and supplies; accounts for inmates under direct vision and other required supervision statuses as directed by policy and procedures.
Provides care and transport for juvenile inmates; oversees administration of medications and health care; oversees inmate recreation, hygiene and meals; educational programs and services, and encourages participation in rehabilitation programs.
Moves juvenile inmates between the Juvenile Services Center and courts, and provides court security as assigned.
Maintains facility and equipment in clean and effective operating order.
Enforces local, state and applicable Federal laws while enforcing compliance with post orders and regulations.
Updates and maintains a variety of files, records, event logs, charts and other documents; maintains appropriate records and prepares reports as required.
Assists and interacts with County departments, support staff, outside organizations and businesses, and Federal, state and local law enforcement organizations in order to accomplish tasks.
Maintains the integrity, professionalism, values and goals of the Sheriff's Office by assuring that all rules and regulations are followed, and that accountability and public trust are preserved.
Performs other duties as assigned or required.

Knowledge and Skills:
Knowledge of Sheriff's Department detention policies and procedures, use-of-force rules, current correctional/detention techniques and procedures, post orders and criminal codes as they apply to juvenile detention.
Knowledge of Federal, State, and County laws related to juvenile inmates, Juvenile Services Center policy and procedures, department written directives, and Wyoming standards for detention facilities housing juveniles.
Knowledge of the Wyoming criminal justice and court systems, procedures and protocols.
Knowledge of modern law enforcement principles, practices, methods, techniques and equipment.
Knowledge of hazardous chemicals and materials, fire safety rules, first aid, and CPR.
Must be able to communicate effectively in the English language (verbal and in writing)
The ability to remain alert at all times and reacting quickly and calmly in emergency situations; and in dealing with situations requiring diplomacy, understanding, fairness, firmness and sound judgment.
Skill in interpreting laws and regulations, making decisions, maintaining composure, and working effectively under stressful conditions and emergency situations.
Skill in communicating with juvenile inmates, mediating difficult situations, and, if needed, using effective custody and control procedures.
Skill in the care, maintenance and safe operation of a variety of weapons, to include (and not limited to) impact weapons, handcuffs and waist chains, special locks and keys, and chemical agents.
Skill in interacting with people of different social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds.
Skill in operating a personal computer and software applications.
Skill in following and effectively communicating verbal and written instructions.
Skill in working independently or as a team member.
Ability to adapt to a variety of administrative, technical, and physical requirements, as may be needed on short notice, or emergency situations.

Minimum Qualifications:
Associates Degree or work experience with Juveniles equivalent to an Associates degree; no felony convictions, no misdemeanor convictions for domestic violence, meet WARM driving record requirements, and meet standards listed above for hiring.

Additional Information:
May be obtained by contacting the Sheriff's Department Personnel Officer, Gerry Luce, at (307) 633-4725, or email

Interested applicants may apply using this application: Juvenile Services Officer Application. 

TITLE: Deputy Sheriff - Detention Division and Patrol Division


FLSA: Non-Exempt

The Pay Band is 53 ($39,068 to $54,891 annualy / eligible for overtime at 1 1/2 times


Deputy Sheriff in the Detention Division:

(1) Entry level and lateral transfer opportunities. Lateral transfers may be eligible to start at a higher salary with certification and training documentation.

(2) Minimum of 21 years of age and able to meet the requirements of Wyoming Peace Officer's Standards and Training (POST) and the State of Wyoming for certification as a Detention Deputy. Includes no felony convictions, no misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence, and a safe driving record as determined by County Risk Management policies.

(3) Able to read and speak clearly in the English language.

(4) Initial screening includes the Wyoming POST General Knowledge Test and the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy physical fitness assessment. These may be waived for those individuals who are already Wyoming certified as Detention Officers or "challengeable" through POST by certification in another State.

(5) Opportunity to lateral transfer to the Patrol Division (through a competitive process) after two years of service. However we reserve the right to hire directly to patrol.

(6) Highly competitive salary and benefits include a flexible health care package, State law enforcement retirement, life insurance, and annual performance based bonus opportunities.

(7) Successfully complete all phases of the Department hiring process to include a formal interview, background investigation, medical/drug screen, psychological evaluation, a polygraph and administrative reviews.

Deputy Sheriff in the Patrol Division:

(1) Minimum of 21 years of age and able to meet the requirements of Wyoming Peace Officer's Standards and Training (POST) and the State of Wyoming for certification as a Peace Officer. Includes no felony convictions, no misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence, and a safe driving record as determined by County Risk Management policies.

(2) Salary may be determined by certification, experience, and documented training. State law enforcement retirement, annual performance based bonus opportunity, and a flexible health care package among other benefits. Patrol Deputies have take home cars once they complete the FTO Program (and providing they live within Laramie County).

(3) Must successfully complete all phases of the Department hiring process to include a formal interview, background investigation, medical/drug screen, psychological evaluation, a polygraph, and administrative reviews.

(4) Opportunities to participate in combined Special Weapons Team or EOD, dog handler, investigations, or Combined Drug Task Force Teams as well as certified instructor in many specialties once probationary status is completed.

Employment Information:

The Laramie County Sheriffs' Office has no requirement or obligation to hire any individual. Disqualafication for employment consideration may occur at any phase of the hiring process. Laramie County is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications may be left at the front desk during normal business hours or mailed to:

Laramie County Sheriffs Department
Personnel/Training Bureau
1910 Pioneer Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Additional information may obtained by contacting:

Captain Linda Gesell
Telephone: 307-633-4735

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