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The Clerk of District Court Office (CODC) encourages you to seek legal counsel for any court procedure. The Wyoming Supreme Court adopted rules which allow an attorney to "limit the scope of representation", which means that an attorney may help you fill out these forms. The Wyoming State Bar Referral Service, 307-632-9061, will give you a list of attorneys in our community that provide this service.

The CODC keeps the records of all court papers according to the law. We are NOT attorneys and cannot give legal advice. We will give you information regarding basic court procedures.

These forms are available through our office for a fee of ten dollar ($10.00) each.

Divorce w/ Children-Plaintiff Divorce w/ Children-Defendant
Divorce w/o Children-Plaintiff Divorce w/o Children-Defendant
Modification of Child Support-Plaintiff Modification of Child Support-Defendant
Modification of Child Custody-Plaintiff Modification of Child Custody-Defendant
Motion for Order to Show Cause Miscellaneous Divorce Forms (available upon request)
Ex: Service forms, Indigency forms, and Miscellaneous Motions and Orders

These packets are also available for download at no cost from the Wyoming Supreme Court website: http://courts.state.wy.us/LegalHelp/Forms. There is also an Interactive Self-Help Center currently available for Divorce without Children ONLY at this time. You can use the Interactive Self Help Center by follow this link: https://wise.courts.state.wy.us/

If you plan to proceed without legal counsel, PLEASE READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS before filling out the forms.
  1. The filing fee is seventy dollars ($70.00). We only accept cash, certified check, or money orders. Keep you receipt because it refers to your "docket number" which identifies your case. There is no additional filing fee for the "Answer", "motions", or any other pleadings filed in the case.
  2. If your case is closed for any reason with a Court Order, you must pay a $70.00 filing fee to re-open the case.
  3. If you are reopening a matter after a final Decree has been entered, you must pay a $70.00 filing fee.
  4.  Service on the opposing party may be made through the Sheriff or Private process servers. We cannot recommend anyone. Here is a list of some of the choices:

      Sheriff's Department 633-4727  
      Civil Service 221-3790  
      Day & Night 633-2056  
      Maximum Security 421-7498  
      Drug Testing Center 635-3730  
  1. Many forms you complete must be notarized. We can notarize your court documents as long as you provide us with a government issued ID.
  2. If you are seeking a Divorce, the "Affidavit for Divorce" is required in Laramie County, First Judicial District Court. This document is in the packets.
  3. The "Standard Visitation" form is required when children are involved, and is a requirement of the First Judicial District. This form is available at the Judges' Chambers.
  4. Child Support: Both parents are required to complete a Confidential Financial Affidavit with a Child Support Computation Form along with copies of supporting documents. For further information on how to calculate child support, you may visit: http://www.laramiecounty.com/_departments/_district_court/calculator.aspx


  1. All original documents plus copies must be provided by you, and must be filed in the CODC. If we make copies for you, we must charge the statutory rate of $1.00 for the first page, and $.50 for each additional page.
  2. Please refer to the instructions regarding "Answers and Counterclaims" and the time frames allowed.
  3. The final Order of Decree of Divorce can generally be submitted to the CODC for the Judge's signature, 20 days after service (in state) or 30 days after service (out of state). This applies ONLY if the matter is uncontested. Please read the instructions in your packet carefully.

Exception: If you and the defendant agree on all issues concerning your divorce and you both are signing the Decree of Divorce, then you do not need to wait for this time to expire. You may submit your Decree of Divorce to the CODC for the Judge's signature 20 days after the date you filed your complaint.

  1. It generally takes the Judge ten to fourteen business days to review your paperwork. After 14 business days, you may call our office to see if the Decree has been signed (307-633-4270). If all of your pleadings and paperwork comply with the statutes, the Judge will return the signed Decree to the CODC.
  2. You must provide TWO (2) sets of copies of the Decree and corresponding Orders or you will be charged the statutory fee for TWO (2) sets of copies.
  3. Your divorce is NOT final until it has been file stamped by the CODC. Once the Judge signs your Decree, it will be filed and mailed to the appropriate parties.

The Law Prevents Us From Doing the Following Things:

  1. We cannot fill out the forms for you, or advise you of what information should be included onthe forms, or instruct you on which forms should be filed.
  2. We cannot make arrangements for any person to speak with a Judge about their case.
  3. We cannot refer you to a specific attorney or law firm.

Here is a list of names and numbers that you might be able to ask for assistance:

Legal Aid 307-432-0807 UW Legal Assistance 307-766-3747
Wyoming State Bar 307-632-9061  

The Clerk of Court Office is here to serve the public. We are here to provide information about cases and the Court. You must seek legal advice from a licensed attorney.