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EH April 2020 summary:

Environmental Health has been deeply involved with Covid-19 activities during the month of April. Most staff was working from home during the month but we did keep a presence in the office to provide customer service. EH staff has spent the majority of their time during the past month answering calls and questions in regards to Covid-19. Inspectors had their phones programed to receive calls from the counties Covid-19 hotline. Average call volume from the hotline varied from ten to as many as thirty calls per day with higher numbers occurring after announcements were made about orders. A great number of additional calls were received through the normal environmental health phone numbers by establishment owners who contact us on a regular basis.

Staff was also tasked with several special projects because most were not in the field doing routine inspections. Some of the projects included updating policy forms to comply with accreditation efforts, reviewing files and folders on the network, reviewing information and links on the website, reviewing addresses in database to improve the quality of our GIS data and reviewing and revising plan reviews.

Roy and Jennifer attended the 2020 EIMG meeting and Laramie County was awarded $90,000.00. This was a reduction from the $135,000.00 which was received in 2019 and requested for this for the upcoming West Nile Virus and mosquito season. The lowered funding will require some cutbacks but should allow us to successfully combat West Nile Virus and the vector mosquito populations in Laramie County. We have talked with our partners and contractors and are good to go for the 2020 season.

We had put out for public review; proposals to increase Environmental Health fees for many services provided by the Division but have now decided that in light of the economic hardships of many small businesses that this is not the time to increase fees. We will revisit the fee increase for the next fiscal year.

Several rural county subdivisions with dozens of new lots are in different stages of the palling process and we have started writing small wastewater system permits in some of them.

The small wastewater program and the rural property inspection program have remained very busy during the pandemic where home sales and construction have remained strong.

April 2020

EH April 2020 summary:


Mortgage Loan inspections evaluated were twenty one (21), a decrease in loans of three (3) as compared to the same time frame in 2019.
Residential septic permits issued were fourteen (14).
Commercial septic permits issued were six (6).
Repair septic permits issued were zero (0), a decrease of three (3) as compared to the same time frame in 2019.
Septic inspections were twenty four (24), an increase of five (5) as compared to the same time frame in 2019.


Plats, Subdivisions, Zone Changes and Variances Reviews:
Staff reviewed four (4) Cheyenne and Laramie County Site Plans.


Food Service Establishment Plan Reviews:

  • Cobblestone Hotel

Food Establishments - Opening/Closing:


  • Ice Cream Snack Shack 2 - 5408 Independence Drive
  • Grubby’z - 701 Parson Street
  • Chick Fil A - 1400 Dell Range Blvd.
  • Black Tooth Brewing Company - 520 W 19th Street


  • Cafe 307 - 701 Parsons Street
  • Chick Fil A - 1400 Dell Range Blvd.
  • Rock Ranch Grill - 711 Parsons Street

******All closings were due to a change in ownership or voluntary closures ******

Food Service Inspections:

Food Service Regular Inspections: 3 Total inspections were 3.
Itinerant (temporary) food service permits issued: 4. Issued for the year: 23.
Itinerant Inspections: 0.
Day Care Inspections: 0.
School Food Service Inspections: 2.
Bed & Breakfast Inspections: 0.


Staff investigated (0) communicable disease reported cases.


Staff inspected zero (0) swimming pools, spas, or similar installations in April.


Staff inspected zero (0) campground facilities in the month of April.


Staff inspected zero (0) body art establishment for the month of April.Zero (0) new body artist was licensed in the month of April.


  • Roy Kroeger attended: State EOC (15), County EOC (17), Elected Officials Call (13), Governors Water/Wastewater (3), City Planning, City Council, NEHA Officers Call (2), EIMG, NEHA Emergency BOD Call, BOPU Grease Trap, BOH, NEHA Finance.
  • Jennifer Escobedo attended: County EOC Meeting (17), Elected Officials Meeting (17), EIMG, BOPU Grease Trap, City Public SV. Committee Meeting.
  • Tiffany Gaertner attended: EIMG, EOC (8), WFSC, Elected Officials, Governors Webinar, GIS.
  • Kimberly Burgess did not attend any meetings for the month of April.
  • Shelby Reinert attended: AEC Planning Meeting, WEHA Board Meeting.
  • Josie Prince did not attend any meetings for the month of April.
  • Noel Udell did not attend any meetings for the month of April.
  • Keyla Segura did not attend any meetings for the month of April.


  • EH did not have any Staff Development for the month of April.

Approximately (34) water samples were drawn for April. (30) were satisfactory. (4) were unsatisfactory.


No human cases of WNV reported to date.


Five (5) stands inspected for this month.


Public Health Complaints:

8 Complaints Filed
0 Complaints Abated
3 Active & Pending
5 Inspected with No Further Action Taken
0 Referred to Other Agencies

Respectfully Submitted,

Roy Kroeger, Director
Division of Environmental Health
Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department