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COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling at CLCHD - This link is currently for residents age 70+ only. We will be checking IDs for correct dates of birth.

COVID-19 Vaccinations in Laramie County

01/08/21 Laramie County Emergency Operations Center Weekly Update

Laramie County Recovery Plan

Wyoming Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccines Phase 1A & 1B

1/9/21 Statewide Public Health Order Continuation and Update on Public Spaces 
1/9/21 Statewide Public Health Order Continuation and Update on Gatherings
1/9/21 Statewide Public Health Order Continuation and Update on Personal Services 
1/9/21 Statewide Public Health Order on Face Coverings in Certain Spaces

Wyoming Department of Health State and County Dashboards

COVID-19 Vaccine Volunteer Form

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where can I be tested? A list of testing locations can be found at the Laramie County COVID Hub. Testing by the CLCHD is done via drive-thru at the Event Center at Archer, 3801 Archer Parkway. Please follow signs there to direct you into the testing area. Please do not eat, drink, smoke, or chew anything for 20 minutes prior to your arrival at the testing center. You will not know which test you will receive until you arrive, and nasal swabs may not always be done if your oral would be compromised.

  • How much does testing cost? COVID testing is free for Laramie County residents at the Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department. Please contact the other providers for details regarding the cost of their COVID testing.

  • When is testing available? Drive-thru testing is available from 8:30am-4pm Monday-Friday by CLCHD at the Event Center at Archer. Please arrive by 3:30pm to ensure you are tested that day. The doors will close at 3:50pm in order to finish testing by 4pm to take the tests to the lab before it closes.

  • How long does it take to get my results? Results are available typically 72 hours after the test. Due to the rising number of cases across the county, state, and country we have seen some delays. You will be notified when the results are processed and received.

  • Should I get tested if I was exposed but do not have symptoms? Testing is encouraged after exposure even if you are asymptomatic.

  • When should I get tested during quarantine? The CDC currently recommends testing during quarantine first on either day four or five after exposure, and if that is negative, to test again on day 11 or 12 after exposure.

  • How will I receive my test results? You will be notified of your result through the clinic that you were tested at. If you were tested by us with the nasal swab, you will receive a phone call with your result once it has been received from the state lab. If you were tested by us with the oral swab, you will be texted or emailed with a link to the results from the private lab that processes those samples.
  • Can I test out of quarantine with a negative result? No, we have clarified with the State and it is not safe, you must complete your quarantine.


  • For general vaccine questions please consult this video by Dr. David Agus for CBS

  • Who gets the COVID vaccine first? Laramie County is following the guidelines established by the Wyoming Department of Health regarding vaccine distribution. For current updates on the groups being targeted for vaccination please refer to the WDH website.

  • How do I schedule my COVID-19 vaccine? If you are in the target group, please determine HERE which location is best fitting for your COVID-19 vaccination.

  • How will I know when I can get the vaccine? We are working with various media outlets regarding contacting vaccine distribution groups. We will notify the public when applicable groups have immunization opportunities. Please check our Facebook page for updates as well.

  • Where are we at in the vaccination phases? Currently in Laramie County, we are working to finish the Phase 1A priority groups and anticipate to begin vaccinations of Phase 1B in mid-late January. We are working through logistical challenges due to storage, limited individuals authorized to administer, and timing with second doses needed 21 days after the Pfizer and 28 days after the Moderna. Laramie County is working diligently to administer vaccines safely, quickly, and efficiently.

  • Which vaccine will I receive? Laramie County currently has both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. These have both been given Emergency Authorization Use by the FDA. You will be advised of which vaccine you are receiving when you arrive at your vaccination. The second dose given will be the same type as the first dose.

  • If I was positive for COVID-19, do I need a vaccine? If you previously tested positive for COVID-19, it is still recommended to get vaccinated. For people in phases open to vaccines from the WDH, this is recommended at the end of a 90 day period following the positive result.

  • What is in the vaccine? Please visit the “Fact Sheet for the Pfizer Vaccine”. Please visit the “Fact Sheet for Moderna Vaccine”.


  • I am planning a community event, what do I need to do? Create your plan for hosting the event according to the current state orders, including social distancing and cleaning, and submit that to the Health Department as early as possible for approval. Submit here or by sending an email to

  • I work in child care, when is it safe to have a positive child return? Once the child has an isolation release letter from the health department the child is safe to return.

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